The Benefits of Dental Implants

dental_implants_Brick_NJYour teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes, they don't!

Replacing missing teeth is important to your general health and to the health of your other teeth. Not only do you lose chewing ability when a tooth is lost, but unreplaced teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, tipped or crowded and create subsequent problems.

Dental implants should always be considered as an option to replace a failing or missing tooth or to secure loose dentures.


The Benefits of Dental Implants are clear:

  • Dental implants restore smiles!
  • Dental implants support a strong bite!
  • Dental implants improve speech!
  • Dental implant restorations are freestanding!
  • Dental implants feel natural!
  • Dental implants can last a lifetime!
  • Dental implants help to maintain good jawbone health!
  • Dental implants can secure your loose denture!

For all of these reasons, and more, dental implants are the number one choice at our office, for rebuilding patient's smiles and boosting their confidence.

Patient Testimonial

"After having surgery once performed by another doctor years ago, your implant surgery wins hands down! This ends my denture issues. You and your staff were very kind and supportive. I just wish you did ALL of my work. And, I loved doing it with sedation!!!"
Ed. D.

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