Sedation Dentistry for our Fearful Patients

sedation_dentistryComfortable and anxiety-free dentistry is a very real possibility. For those with dental anxiety, this is revolutionary news.

We focus on patient comfort and relaxation so you can put the sights, sounds, and sensations of dentistry behind you. It's finally time to achieve the healthy smile you deserve!

Our service goes above and beyond, including options like oral conscious and IV sedation. When you visit a specialty trained sedation dentist, like Dr. Mosmen, you probably won't remember the details or the sounds of your dental procedure. You'll leave your pain-free appointment with a healthier and more beautiful smile.

All your work can be completed in as little as one visit. Your days of being scared of the dentist are over!


Special Needs Patient Care

Dr. Mosmen is passionate about serving patients with special needs. We encourage patients to visit our office for a free consultation. During your consultation we will evaluate the unique behavioral aspects of the patient and share our approach to creating a low-anxiety dental care experience. In many cases, Dr. Mosmen suggests sedation dentistry to ensure a safe and effective dental visit.  

Special Needs Patient Testimonial:

"Dear Dr. Mosmen, we wanted to thank you for the utmost care you gave our daughter while she was under anesthesia. She did so well and now has a beautiful smile." Erin's Mom, Jennifer T.


Patient Testimonial

"I haven't been to the dentist forever due to my fears. From the moment I walked into this office I felt so comfortable. The girls all greeted me and made me feel so comfortable. Then I met Dr. Mosmen who happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. I felt like he cared so much about me, my fears and my TEETH :) I am so happy I found them! Thank you, Dr. Mosmen."
Lisa F.

"I had not been to a dentist in years because of my fear and experiences in the past. The thought of sedation dentistry was very interesting so I had a conversation with Dr. Mosmen and signed up for an appointment right away. That was about 10 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have every made. I have continued with Dr. Mosmen and have also highly recommended him to my friends and family. He is up on all the latest technology and I do mean "PAINLESS MAGIC".
Geri K.

"I highly recommend Dr. Mosmen and his wonderful staff! I recently had sedation dentistry and returned a few weeks later for the placement of caps. I was relaxed and comfortable throughout both procedures, and I am a true dental phobic! Dr. Mosmen is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in explaining your dental work; in addition, he is friendly and easy-going. Don't put off your dental work for another minute. Dr. M. is your guy!"
Mari L.

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