Do you snore or sleep with someone who does? Do you hate your CPAP machine?

sleep_apnea_Brick_NJIf you answered YES to either of these questions.....a sleep apnea oral device may be a solution for you or your loved one.

With a completed sleep study, Dr. Mosmen can fit you for a custom oral device. Oral device therapy is covered by most medical insurance plans including Medicare, and, often without any out-of-pocket expense to you.

We are an approved Medicare sleep apnea oral device insurance provider.

FACT: If you snore or sleep with someone who snores, you may not be getting the restful, rejuvenating sleep that you deserve. Lack of sleep burdens your heart by placing excessive strain and stress on the muscle. Often snoring is a precursor to a more critical health concern known as sleep apnea.


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Patient Testimonial

"The sleep doctor told me about the alternative solution you offer. Your oral sleep apnea appliance is a very simple device similar to the protective mouthpiece I wore while playing football in college. A slight pressure on the lower jaw keeps my airway open, eliminates any snoring, and promotes sleep through the night. Wearing it is almost incidental. It's a solution that doesn't involve a change in lifestyle. My last sleep study while using the device revealed an indicator of three; below, I am told, the threshold for diagnosis of sleep apnea. You and your staff have demonstrated knowledge and experience in fitting and adjusting the device and made me a true believer."
Steve G.

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